White Copal Resin


Copal has long been used in ancient Mayan and Aztec ceremonies as a ritual offering to the gods. It is still used during sacred ceremonies by various Christian churches, as well as a number of indigenous people in southern Mexico and Central America. It reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, and has the capacity to promote healing, balance the chakras, increase fertility and virility, and dispel negative energies. Some say copal has the same metaphysical properties as amber. ¬†Copal has a light, sweet, crisp, piney, and citrusy scent. It’s very similar to frankincense but more musky and less sweet. We recommend crumbling it on top of our “Gotta Smell It to Believe It” smudge blend and burning both together for an out-of-this-world smudge experience.

Product Description

Our White Copal is packaged in 2 ounce bags.

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