About Us

Great Spirit Farm is a private plant-medicne church whose members are as diverse as Mother Earth herself. We believe all plants are a divine gift, and are one of our greatest allies in spiritual growth, healing, connection and nourishment. We use a variety of plants and technologies in our private church services and for healing the body, mind and spirit. We're honored to share with you here a few of the powerful tools that we use to connect to that which we call the Great Spirit--from food and herbs as medicine, to ceremony supplies, to personal coaching. We believe Mother Nature offers all the wisdom, guidance and materials that we need to live our happiest, healthiest, most rewarding lives. We just need to practice connecting to and listening to that wisdom. We're here to help you do just that.


To facilitate individual and global consciousness in a natural, peaceful setting where individuals connect to Mother Earth through nature, grow and heal physically, mentally and spiritually, using plant-based medicine and spiritual technologies.


We envision a healthy, spiritually-conscious planet, in harmony and balance, ecologically, economically, and within all living beings, from the micro to the macro, with all systems nourishing and supporting one another.


We value You. Every individual and thing is a divine creation, imbued with their own special qualities and talents. We value diversity. We value Mother Earth and Cosmos. We value transparency, courage, and the Spirit of Love that connects us all.


Shannon's primary passion is where spiritual transformation meets the native healing arts. After serving as a Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist, she now enjoys making medicine with local plants, spiritual coaching, facilitating plant-medicine ceremonies, and being an ordained minister. She's a lover of plants and animals, and believes in the deep, intrinsic value that Mother Nature offers to humans for healing, learning and support.

A passionate champion for clean water and halting pollution, she founded the Anclote River Pick-up Project, a gathering of paddlers who work hard to remove trash from the Anclote River. Over 2 tons of trash has been removed with the help of local residents and Pasco County Government.

An ordained minister since 2005, she's been participating in transformational and spiritual educational programs since 2006, and now coaches others using the powerful tools and wisdom she’s gained, leading people through their own breakthroughs, rippling positive change across communities. She earned her “Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Certificate” from the BodyMind Institute in 2013. She offers support and coaching in areas of spirituality, health and relationships.

Shannon's experience has led her to believe that most chronic physical disease is a result of a spiritual or emotional imbalance or issue. As an intuitive, energy worker, empath and lifetime spiritual seeker, she's in tune with what people need to heal and guides them to the root of the problem. She also performs spiritual ceremonies like sacred healing ceremonies, weddings, dedications.

Shannon met her husband and fellow facilitator, Travis, in the Insurance profession in 2008, and is proud to be in partnership with him fulfilling their dream of healing the planet, one person at a time, within the human experience and environmentally, through Great Spirit Farm Healing & Retreat Center. Together, they raise their daughter, Maya, and enjoy being silly. Shannon enjoys nature, skydiving, kayaking, horseback riding, reading, meditation, yoga, hiking, travel, and exploring consciousness.


Travis’ heart for giving is evident by his history of service on numerous community service projects. His natural leadership and passion for equal access to healthy food was instrumental in creating the Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council, and he served as its 1st Chairman. He was a Lead Facilitator of the 1st Community Garden in the City of New Port Richey. He was Founder and President of Nature Coast Real Food Project, a non-profit teaching people the benefits of chemical-free food. And he was Chairman of the Green Commerce Association, a non-profit dedicated to supporting and encouraging businesses and residents of West Pasco, FL in developing a resilient and sustainable local economic community. Most recently, Travis assisted the WellCome OM Center in Spring Hill, Florida with installation of their organically maintained landscaping.

Travis is committed to sustainability (environmental and economic), permaculture, and being a local superhero to his community. Since 2011, he has completed numerous personal transformation and spiritual education courses, and has coached several similar programs, guiding others through their own personal breakthroughs, and sharing wisdom that makes a real difference. He is always working to transform his own inner state so he can be the best support for others in their healing process. He's a continual spiritual seeker, and true visionary. He received his ministerial ordination in 2015.

Travis is passionate about the revolutionary blockchain technology, and its ability to create equality for humanity across the globe. Travis’ talents also include airplane and automotive mechanics, engineering, being a handyman, and businessman.

Travis is the loving husband to Shannon, his fellow facilitator, and proud father-figure to her daughter, Maya. Together they enjoy fulfilling their mutual dream of helping others heal and grow spiritually through Great Spirit Farm. Travis also enjoys nature, swimming, kayaking, autocross racing, hiking, biking, music, travel and exploring consciousness.


Maya is Shannon & Travis' daughter. She's an old soul, and has a rare gift for empathy. Her natural ability to connect with others is not commonly seen in youths her age. She has completed personal development courses for teens and easily empowers those around her to be their best.

As "Chief Taskmaster," Maya uses her critical eye to see what's missing and helps keep the Church "to do" list updated. She helps with secretarial duties, lends her keen eye for design, helps beautify the grounds, and joyfully assists in keeping the property tidy. She's skilled at ensuring all guests feel welcome and cared for, especially children. Maya is learning valuable lessons in the many tasks of managing a non-profit organization, use of plants and animals as medicine, and the benefits of volunteering within the community.

Maya is an avid reader, swimmer, rock climber, sailor, surfer, wordsmith, thrill-seeker, and nature lover (except mosquitos).

Our Furry & Feathered Support Team

Connecting with animals has proven to aid in healing, physically and emotionally, as well as ease depression. Our farm has plenty of diversity to connect you to nature, as well as help you overcome your fears, if you're feeling courageous. Click on the pictures to see more!