An Anthology
Stories of Transformation

“Anonymous Awakenings with Ayahuasca” is a unique collection of personal narratives, drawn from the lived experiences of numerous Ayahuasca participants. It offers an unprecedented glimpse into the transformative power of this sacred sacrament, often considered one of the world’s most potent plant medicines.

This remarkable anthology uncovers the raw, authentic journeys of individuals who’ve braved the challenging Ayahuasca experience, embarking on a profound voyage of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. These stories of personal metamorphosis reveal the true essence of human struggle, resilience, and triumph, making visible the profound influence of Ayahuasca on the participants’ lives.

The narratives in this book diverge from the commonplace ‘trip reports,’ instead offering a unique ‘before and after’ perspective of the Ayahuasca encounter. This deep-dive into the transformative and healing potential of Ayahuasca will resonate with readers at all stages of their journey – whether curious, novice, or seasoned Ayahuasceros.

Experience the power of Ayahuasca and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with this unique collection. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this anthology will not only challenge your perception but also encourage you to believe in the transformative power of this sacred plant medicine. Dive into these invaluable insights, for they hold the potential to transform lives, perhaps even your own.”

“This book was incredible. If you have been curious about trying Ayahuasca yourself, then this book is for you. I’ve done several Ayahuasca ceremonies, and I find it’s difficult to explain to others who haven’t experienced it, exactly what it gives me. With proper vetting, and proper coaching, it’s incredibly powerful, as every story in this book conveyed. There is a spiritual component that’s almost beyond comprehension, which is hard to put into words…but this book captures it. Ceremony isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not pretty, nor is it for the feint of heart…but it is beautiful, and deeply healing if you are called to it. This book shared stories so powerful. Each one challenging in its own way, yet all with the same themes. Universal love. Healing. Going deeper into your true self. Forgiveness. Letting go. So many stories really impacted me, and some even made me cry. Many more made me smile with happiness for what these people gave themselves with ceremony. Another kept me from going back into my old patterns. I used to use cannabis regularly, thinking it was harmless. It’s legal in my state. I hadn’t touched it since I was prepping for Aya, and this is the easiest it’s ever been to abstain. Tomorrow will be 2 months since I touched it, I literally cannot recall ever going that long without it and not having it on my mind constantly, white-knuckling my sobriety. (I stopped drinking alcohol almost 5 years ago) Something triggered me over the weekend and I found myself craving it for the first time…just like someone’s story in this book. I didn’t partake though…due to that story, because it helped me see I had deeper pain to heal, and cannabis would just numb that pain, not heal it. Understanding the importance of healing vs numbing has been a big lesson for me, and now I can find and heal that pain, and continue to stay sober. Thank you Lua, for this brilliant piece of work.”