Chakapa (custom made in US with sustainably sourced leaves)


We started making Chakapas for use in our ceremonies, to capture the vibration of our local plants, instead of buying internationally and shipping long distances.

Our leaf rattles are sustainably harvested from a beautiful, hardy, invasive plant called coral ardesia, that grows right here on our Florida retreat property. In addition to asking her permission, we make sure the plant wants to be used for this purpose. She has taught us that she’s an ideal local, sustainable alternative with a perfect sound–just like the Peruvian chakapa– and a powerful, strong, cleansing personality. Her sounds are dynamic and energetic.  Our chakapas sound just like an indigenous chakapa from South America. Send us a message to receive a sound clip of both. They make a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Made with love and the intention of powerful healing, the handle is wrapped in leather, giving you a soft, comfortable grip while playing. A vegan option is available in white. We don’t add adornments that detract from comfort and functionality. You can choose from 8 different handle colors: beige, dark blue, light blue/grey, turquoise, brown, green, violet or vegan white. You may also choose to add speckled guinea fowl feathers at the base of the chakapa, like the one pictured. (The guinea feathers have naturally molted from guineas at our retreat center.) Sorry, we are currently out of owl feathers.

They are custom made to order. We add a small crystal heart to each handle that is out of the way, yet sits between you and the leaves to block draining energy. It is easily removable. Choose a handle color and the optional feathers. We try to craft your chakapa as soon as you order, however if we’re conducting a retreat, it may take a little longer, so please allow up to 3 weeks from your date of order to receive your tracking number.

Each chakapa comes with a free 1 oz “Gotta Smell It to Believe It” smudge blend to cleanse your chakapa or use in ceremony. To expedite your order, you will receive your chakapa with the leaves fresh. We will send detailed instructions to help you dry it in a shape to create the best sound. If you want us to dry it, note this when you place your order and please allow us additional time before shipping. All leaf rattles will break down with time and use. Your leaf rattle should last at least a year, 50-150 hours, with continued heavy use in a ceremonial setting, depending how hard you play it.

Your order supports our primary mission to provide deep, lasting transformation and healing to our members. We’re a non-profit church and all orders/donations are tax deductible. Thank you for visiting our store!

Product Description

A chakapa is a leaf rattle that makes a rhythmic rustling sound. It is used to clear energy using sound vibration, facilitate deep meditation through rhythmic beat, and transport the listener into other dimensions. It can bring protection and deep healing when used properly, with sacred intention.

Our Chakapas are custom made to order. Please allow three weeks from your date of order for your chakapa to ship. If you need it earlier, just send us a message. We may be able to get you one sooner, possibly in as little as 3-4 days, depending on our schedule.

Your order supports our primary mission to provide deep, lasting transformation and healing to our members. Thank you!