Handcrafted Herbals

In alignment with our mission and vision, one of our specialties is sourcing local plants with medicinal value that grow wild on our farm here in Brooksville, and bringing them to you in a several forms, from tinctures to loose leaf blends.

A tincture is the medicinal components of the plant extracted into an alcohol base. Shannon, a former nurse, is very careful about how she crafts our tinctures. She uses only the healthiest plants from the most pristine areas, away from pollutants. She makes the tinctures in small batches using high quality organic vodka and pure spring water. She harvests the plants with a loving energy, and carries that intention through the entire process to ensure the product you receive has nothing but good vibes for you and your family.

Don’t let their simple labels fool you! Click each tincture to learn all the many benefits it has to offer you!

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