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Are you deeply happy in your life? Are you struggling with integrating a psychedelic experience? Would you benefit from deeper wisdom and guidance? Or personal support in preparing for your psychedelic ceremony? Are you interested in a natural, Ayahuasca-assisted birth?

Shannon guides and empowers courageous individuals through some of the most intimate, challenging, and significant moments in their lives. She is the coach for people who are willing to go to their edges, who appreciate candor and are open to thinking outside the box. Shannon combines decades of experiential wisdom from a variety of proven approaches including Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Heart-centered Awareness, Guided Meditation, Dream Analysis, and other results-based approaches. Shannon is excellent at helping you quickly identify unconscious patterns, understand the hidden mechanisms at work in your life, and works with the parts of you that hold you back.  Whether you’re seeking healing, a natural birth, integration support, plant-medicine guidance, or simply living a better life, she has walked the road and knows the path. She is your teammate. Let’s do this!

Having a coach is a game-changing investment in yourself and your future. You are worth it. Your future self thanks you. Promise.

Sample Week

In a world of possibility, this is the first step
$ 295
One week
  • Dip your toe in the pool of possibility
  • A week of unlimited text & email conversation with Shannon
  • One 1-hour call with Shannon
  • Gain clarity and focus to move forward with confidence
  • Accountability to get you through the challenging start of real change
  • Take action toward the life you want

Basically Awesome

Minimal ante for big rewards
$ 595
  • Unsure about a making a commitment? Try it on for size.
  • Unlimited text & email conversation with Shannon
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute calls with Shannon
  • $50 off one ceremony monthly
  • Identify blindspots, solutions, and create a plan
  • See yourself excelling in ways you couldn't imagine before

Power Play

When you know you're ready to dive in
$ 1295
  • For those ready to do deep work and reap the rewards
  • Unlimited text & email conversation with Shannon
  • Weekly 30-minute calls with Shannon
  • $75 off one ceremony monthly
  • Experience breakthroughs with persistent problems
  • Transform chronic health limitations
  • Discover your purpose
Most Popular

Magic Maker

For high-level players ready for transformation in multiple areas
$ 1595
  • For those ready to fully transform themselves and their lives
  • Unlimited text & email conversation with Shannon
  • Weekly 45-minute calls with Shannon
  • Zoom video session and optional recording available
  • $100 off one ceremony monthly
  • Discover and dismantle your core limiting programs
  • Learn tools to reset automatic patterns
  • Achieve excellence in the most stubborn areas of life

All In

Highest level engagement for dramatic results
$ 1895
  • Highest ante for maximum leverage and results
  • Unlimited text & email conversation with Shannon
  • Weekly 60-minute calls with Shannon
  • One 15-minute weekly check-in call
  • Zoom video session and optional recording available
  • $125 off one ceremony monthly
  • Longer calls offer greater depth and inquiry into patterns, blind spots, fears, and feelings that block our ability to spot opportunity and take action
  • Learn to integrate and love all aspects of your self and your life
  • Create your dream life. Cultivate your dream relationship. Craft your dream body. Live the dream.
Best Value

What are you waiting for?

Coaching with Shannon is whatever you need it to be. She is brilliant at meeting you where you are and keeping your needs front and center. She will gently challenge you and if she feels you are up for more challenging, she will do so…but she is incredibly in tune with her clients needs. She gave me softness and compassion when I needed it, and tough love when I needed it. But no matter what form the coaching came in…I can honestly say it was exactly what I needed in the moment, and it helped me. Every word she speaks is spoken with empathy and understanding. I couldn’t recommend Shannon any more than I do, you will benefit deeply from working with her.