Great Spirit Farm offers several services to support the Spiritual Growth, Transformation, Healing, Integration and expanding Consciousness of our Church members and the public:


Sacred Healing Ceremonies facilitate expanding consciousness in a peaceful, natural setting where members can connect to Mother Earth through nature, grow and heal physically, mentally and spiritually, using plant-based medicine and spiritual technologies, in individual and small group sessions.


Structured silent nature-based retreats facilitate reconnecting to Mother Earth, healing and spiritual growth by combining a vow of silence, spiritual counseling, guided meditation, yoga, massage and other modalities to help individuals connect to the divine teacher within themselves. Journaling and expressive art are encouraged to access flow states and the subconscious. No electronics, music or books are permitted.


Sound Healing sessions in public nature preserves, and at local businesses and residences, use crystal singing bowls, multiple gongs, a didgeridoo and other instruments for re-balancing energy systems, calming the heart and mind, finding inspiration and clearing negative energy. Contact us today to arrange a session for your family, employees, or group.


Educational classes on local medicinal and edible wild plants (identification, use, harvesting, making medicine,) health and healing, food as medicine, holistic cooking, meditation, and transformational technologies. Contact us today to arrange a class for your family, employees, or group.


Integration Support Meetings bring Church Members together for an opportunity to share their experiences, support each other in expanding their Consciousness, Integration and Transformation while enjoying fellowship and a healthy meal with their spiritual family.