Custom Hand-painted 14-22″ Buffalo Drum


Drums should have character and personality. They exude energy. Tired of the faceless, nameless drum?

You and your loved ones will love this drum for so many reasons! It’s beauty, brilliance, and symmetry will enhance your state, whether actively playing it, or simply meditating upon its beautiful design.

The artistic spaces are open, leaving much of the drum head untouched, allowing the drum’s deeper sound qualities to remain true to character.

The energy this flower of life design emits will harmonize the space it is in, bringing natural peace, tranquility, and harmonic resonance simply by hanging on your wall as a piece of art.

You. Will. Love. This. Drum. They make a wonderful gift that brings many years of joy!

The Remo synthetic Buffalo drum retains its perfect tone and tension regardless of the climate or temperature. And it’s vegan– a clean energetic slate.

Your artwork is hand-painted with highest quality materials, and is sealed to last many years. Each drum is custom made to order. Choose from these sizes: 14″, 16″, 22″. Let us know what colors you would like if you want something different than rainbow or the variations offered. Check out the color palette picture and send us a message with the numbers of the colors you like! We recommend 3 or 6 colors. Slight variations may occur. Actual colors may be different than what you see on your device.

Each drum comes with a mallet, and 1 ounce of our handcrafted smudge to initiate your new musical friend. The smell is AahhMAAAZing!

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your custom painted drum to arrive. If you need it sooner, drop us a line–we may be able to accommodate depending on our schedule.

Your purchase supports our church, and our mission of expanding consciousness. Thank you!

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