Family Coaching Initial Call


For most of us, our experiences with family (however you define family) are the ones we want to be the most connected, joyful and memorable. Coaching provides a fresh perspective and guidance that brings to life the possibilities we previously couldn’t see. Why not take every action you can to ensure you and your family share the best possible moments together? The suggested donation for the first call is $99 and includes a 90-minute discovery call together with your family, Shannon & Travis, to share your goals, point to what’s missing and learn what’s possible for your family going forward. Your discovery call includes one week of follow up text & email support. After the call, a customized coaching package is created based on your family’s goals and budget. You can collaborate to create the package, and choose to move forward, or not, there’s never any pressure. Invest in memories you and your loved ones will look back on with gratitude and smiles. Your family’s life is not “someday,” it’s now. Having a coach is a fun, challenging, and rewarding investment like no other. Click the “Add to Cart” button to get started.

All coaching is strictly confidential.

Product Description

All coaching is strictly confidential. Your discovery call includes one week of follow up text & email support. To set up your Discovery call, include your contact information in the notes on your order, or email us at, and we’ll schedule a time for a call with your family that works for everyone. You and your family will be on your way to sharing a new possibility together–a future of love, connection, and transformation.