Personal Coaching Initial Call


Whether you or a loved one are experiencing pain, depression, anxiety, health issues, a relationship challenge or spiritual slump, an hour on the phone with Shannon could alter your entire future. We all experience road bumps–Life wouldn’t be life without some uphill climbs! How we approach life’s obstacles, however, can determine the rest of our journey–either rewarding us with gorgeous scenery, or stuck in the proverbial quicksand.

Working with Shannon will help you see how you arrived on your current path, find new, happy roads to travel, and open hidden doors that previously were unseen. If you, or a loved one, is feeling like your tank is empty when it comes to health, relationships or happiness, we can help drive you closer to the extraordinary future you know is on the horizon.

Our approach is innovative and it works. Learn more about us by clicking the “About” page. Click “Add to Cart” for your Discovery call to see what your possible future could look like and how you can get there together. In your 60-minute Discovery Call, you’ll get to interview Shannon, share your goals, and learn how her experience can help you reach them faster. Discovery calls also include a week of follow-up text and email. Then you’ll create a custom coaching package tailored to fit your goals and budget.

Product Description

Because each person is special, with individual needs, we believe your coaching program should be unique to you. After your interview call, we’ll intuitively design a customized coaching plan for you, one that evolves with you, and you’re invited to collaborate in creating your coaching plan. There’s never any pressure to move forward. Suggested donation for interview calls is $99 for an hour and calls are always strictly confidential.